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PowerBI is the tool that has revolutionized Business Intelligence due to its easy use and its low price. Key BI solutions within reach of teams and companies. Pure balance between data processing and visualization that allows for easy, detailed reporting and quick, informed decisions. Sharing visual reports has never been easier.

Numerous success stories and a team of training specialists and senior consultants of great national relevance at PowerBI position Quolutions as a reliable and decisive benchmark. We create opportunities from the data. We evaluate the Data Analytics area in the Data Driven philosophy of your organization, providing solutions and value for a true digital transformation.

Success stories

Industry leader Asset Management

Productivity increase

The PowerBI Reporting Pack for all areas of the company developed by Quolutions allows the distribution and management of matters based on an opportunity criterion, resulting in unique productivity from the creation of the company.

Industry leader

Smart control and maintenance

Argomaniz promotes intelligent control and maintenance of robots in its factories thanks to the dashboards developed in Power BI. Argomaniz accomplishes high quality standards in manufacturing. They adapt themselves carefully to the requirements of their clients.


Executive summary with the main KPIs and their evolution, providing a 360º view of the company.

Reporting Packs

Set of reports intended to provide solutions to an entire area or department, with aggregated reports and sufficient detail to be able to manage through them.

Control models

Reporting that allows establishing alert, warning and communication systems to control different processes within the company.

Self Service BI

Creation of the analytical model in Power BI and in-company training for its exploitation

Lider for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

For 13 consecutive years, Gartner has recognized Microsoft as a leader of the Magic Quadrant in analysis platforms and business intelligence. At Quolutions we surrender to the technology giant and our tema is comitted to the value that their solutions bring to all the areas of organizations’ DataDriven culture.

Outstanding Gartner evaluation of the features and capabilities that differentiate PowerBI from the various products in this market.

Power BI enables enterprise-level self-service analytics that reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions. Use smart tools to get solid results thanks to built-in artificial intelligence functionality. Power BI has a leading confidentiality rating and functional data loss prevention that helps protect your organization.

From data to knowledge in minutes. Any data, anyway and anywhere. One view.