Microsoft Cloud

The evolution in Microsoft Cloud technology is admired by our team. Innovation, agility, scalability are values that we share and proof of this is the current relationship that we maintain as Microsoft Partners, facilitating the licensing of their products and solutions. Technological solutions in the cloud bring a culture of innovation that Quolutions shares with so many companies today.

Microsoft has accomplished that lovers of digital transformation are fully involved with the implementation of their solutions. The new digital era applauds Microsoft’s Cloud strategy for being adaptable and robust, taking the productivity of teams by flag. We adapt organizations to the new digital paradigm until reaching the highest levels of efficiency

We empower the business


The tools that provide a team with the efficiency and flexibility needed to get the job done from almost anywhere. Office 365.

Cost Reduction

The Microsoft Azure Cloud through its payment system only for use combined with its scalability and systems optimization make the cost reduction real and important. Azure.

Competitiveness and integration

PowerBI | Dynamics365. Intelligent business solutions that allow to overcome the competition by integrating the different areas of the business with customers, yielding differentiating results.


The ability to increase or decrease infrastructure and services resources as best suits the business at the time it is easily found is possible and leads to cost savings and business continuity. Azure.


GDPR. Compliance with the GDPR law in Spain, in addition to the more than 85 security certificates worldwide, make Azure the most robust and secure cloud in the world. Azure.

We welcome you to the Cloud world!