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About us

We provide innovative technological solutions applied to business processes meeting high standards of quality and customer service.

Mission & Values

  • Provide the best quality solution to our customers.
  • Commitment and responsibility in offering the best business solutions.
  • Training and professional development of our team.


Quolutions Foundation.
We expand Business Intelligence tools.
HR Alliance with University.
Microsoft Partner: Cloud Solutions | SQL | Power BI
Big Data. Machine Learning. Collaboration ETSIT Polytechnic University of Madrid.
International projection. Industry 4.0.

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Social commitment

From the beginning, Quolutions has collaborated with different NGOs for development.

We currently collaborate with Abay Ethiopia, through two projects:

  • Sponsorship of infants: aimed at providing food and health support to babies from 0 to 3 years old with malnutrition problems or access to supplementary feeding.
  • Sponsorship of Secondary Education and Studies of Vocational Training: with the aim of granting scholarships for the stay and studies of young people who, once they finish their primary education, want and have the aptitude to continue studying.

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