Data Quality

Key axis in the Data-Driven transformation process, monitoring the quality of the company’s data, allowing it to obtain its objective measure, establish improvement plans, monitor and ultimately give the data its strategic value as company assets.

If we want to make decisions based on information, we must know how good it is and make its quality a continuous process where the entire organization must be involved. Just as we take care of our corporate image, our partners, our facilities,… let’s take care of our data!

Success Stories

International leader of the Real Estate sector

Effective decisions
The quality of the data achieved by the Data Governance model implemented for Real Estate has made it possible to make truly relevant decisions in the company’s strategy

DQ Metrics

Definition and construction of the metrics of Completeness, Validity, Integrity, Accuracy, Consistency and Availability of information. Set Scoring DQ.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment by applying quality metrics and using reliable data sources to compare.

Data Governance Model

Complete solution for measuring, monitoring, enriching and managing data in the company. Establishing information owners and data profiling.

Make smart decisions by winning business!