Data Processing

It processes the data based on models to obtain information that helps in decision-making for both people and other systems. They can be simulation scenarios or AI-based supervised and autonomous learning models.

Data as an asset of your company. Monitor and take full advantage of the information generated to create predictive models. What ROI can we expect from a Marketing campaign? How can we improve the energy efficiency of a manufacturing process? How to have an early detection fraud alarm system?

Success Stories

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Predictive models as allies in decision making

Application of Artificial Intelligence models to the information obtained from the sensors of the production chains:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Improvement in energy efficiency
  • Improves air quality of production plants

ML Models applied to Industry 4.0

Generation of models based on information obtained from sensors in production chains to improve preventive maintenance, energy efficiency, early warning of alarms, etc.

NLP Natural Language Processing

Processed through neural documentation networks for automatic document classification and metadata extraction for integration into a document manager through neural networks.

Streaming information processing

Integrate streaming information sources into DWH / BigData systems

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