Azure, the network of remote Microsoft servers around the world connected to operate as a single ecosystem, the Microsoft cloud. The current vision of business in full digital transformation combines traditional applications, new developed in Cloud and a robust platform in Cloud that supports and drives your winning strategy. Your applications define your infrastructure.

Why Azure?


Increase or decrease your infrastructure with great ease according to the needs of your business. Ensures the continuity of your business

Optimize Costs

You only pay for what you use


More than 85 Compliance and available in 140 countries

It does not have limits

Discover its immense integrity with products and services from almost any manufacturer

The cloud you can trust because the figures prove it.


Regulatory compliance offers, the largest portfolio in the sector


of the companies included in the Fortune 500 list entrust their business to Microsoft Cloud


new Azuras customer subscriptions per month

Azure Solutions

Internet of things (IoT)

By exploiting the data collected through the connection of devices, enormous knowledge is obtained that drives the digital transformation of the business

Artificial inteligence

Machine Learning, Knowledge Mining and AI Agents available to increase productivity in any development scenario

SAP in Azure

SAP workloads critical to the business now with greater agility in the Microsoft cloud

Business Intelligence

Scenarios with perfect tools to make informed decisions that position you ahead of the competition

Macrodata and Analysis

Informed decisions based on large amounts of data and in real time


Almost infinite scalability under the main Azure values: Security, control and analysis

Saas applications

Creation of Saas applications (Software as a service) with attractive user experience and resource optimization


Everything a blockchain can enhance the different business sectors in Azure

54 Azure regions, more than any other cloud service provider